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Sherpa Credit Team

Jonathan Grunfeld

Jonathan Grunfeld

  • 15 years of retail banking and lending expertise
  • Expert in personal and business finance
  • Vice President with some of the largest banks in the US, including JPMorgan Chase and TD Bank.
  • “Everyone deserves a second chance.”
Mandy Coles

Mandy Coles

  • 15 years experience front line banking
  • Extensive background in banking ,sales and customer service
  • Worked for some of NYC’s largest bank brands , TD Bank, Capital One and Chase
  • Known for her infectious personality that lights up a room
  • “I am a people person, I love helping people.”
Xiomara Ayala

Xiomara Ayala

  • 18 years of banking experience
  • 5 years of real estate experience
  • Expert in helping homeowners achieve their goals of finding a new home
  • Manager role in some of the largest banks, including Chase Bank, Santander Bank, Investors Bank, HSBC, and Empire State Bank
  • “I wish that I could have offered this service to my customers!”
Alec Teytel

Alec Teytel

  • 30 years of banking and relationship management experience
  • Expert in credit structuring and lending
  • Senior Employee with some of the largest banks in the US, including Citi, HSBC and TD Bank
  • “I want to help people get back on track with their life goals.”

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